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Версия от 09:42, 7 ноября 2019; Tiboh (обсуждение | вклад)

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CAFe 2019 - пятое демопати серии CAFe. Проводилось в Казани 25-27 октября 2019 года.

ZX Spectrum Demo

1. TIRATOK by deMarche
2. GABBA by stardust
3. Hara Mamba, Scene! by SibKrew
4. SleepInvaders by errorsoft
5. Snipe by eYe-Q + z
6. rewind by thesuper
7. cadefemo by rasmer
8. DiHalt Winter 2020 invitation by eYe-Q
9. inercia 2019 invtro by ScenePt All Stars

ZX Spectrum 4k Intro

1. Magic Greetings by debris
2. cube3d by goblinish

1k Procedural Graphics (Combined)

1. Chernobyl'86 by Dalthon ^ Joker
2. Fakir by tiboh/debris
3. test by goblinish

ZX Spectrum 256b Intro

1. Stellarator by bfox, ruguevara
2. ABBATONE by Abaddon
3. Stellar by debris
4. cafexa by mayHem
5. Starfall by ShaMAN
6. Oh No! More Boxes by Dalthon ^ Joker
7. Forest Fire by goblinish

CAFePARTY 2019 Invitations

1. CAFe2019 Invitaion by Fenomen
2. NESPECCY: CAFe'2019 invitation by Mega Cat, deMarche, Excess team
3. Universal Invitation by sibCrew
4. Fatalsnipe Will Shake You! by kotsoft, newart, fatalsnipe
5. CAFe 2019 invitation by Q-Bone
6. CAFePARTY 256b invitro by Excess team
7. Road2CAFe by Excess team
8. Another yet invite to CAFe2019 by Excess team
9. CAFe'2019 invitat!on by TmK^deMarche, bfox
10. cAfeGLiTch by Excess team, Fenomen

One Scene

1. Magic Cube by nodeus, quiet
2. across event horizont by deMarche
3. Resurrection in progress by i486dx
4. YM powah by Shlemazl


1. Super Mario Bros. 128K by Gogin
2. Road to cAFE by nodeus
3. VoxaBlast by RetroSouls
4. The Meating by tvoybro / Mega Cat Studios
5. Lost Donation Box Incident by Nihirash
6. Doom 2D for PSX by fgsfds, Rembo
7. СОКОБАН-2019 by Щербаковский Сергей


0. Balloon fight by tvoybro
0. Stop The Express под БК-0010 (WIP) by nzeemin
0. FATE by Jin X
0. CLOSED LETTER FOR "STEP" by Stars of Keladan
0. Worms by PS-Software

Oldschool Freestyle Graphics (Combined)

1. Myth by -ER-
2. The Friend by Tutty
3. headship by at0m
4. God's Perfect Night by Tutty
5. Sofa Sceners by prof4d
6. Once I had a dream by aturbidflow
7. City Heat by pixelrat
8. Cool Photo by pixelrat
9. Bear in Zoo by haywire
10. Heat by Creonix
11. Dizzy by Creonix

Oldschool Pixel Art (Combined)

1. No fate by diver/stardust
2. Back to The Future by Tutty
3. Street Kids by Dimidrol
4. Draw by dman
5. rainbowdark by bfox
6. Smoke by dman
7. privet2 by r0bat
8. Pumpkin cat by Eric
9. Sabnac by shuran33 ^ Outsiders
10. save the world from people by Dovakin, shuran33
11. Joyce by nodeus
12. CAFe1250 by Adam Bazaroff
13. Do Scene Do! by Brandon
14. Rear window by Shumakher Bros
15. South Sweden Landscape by El Topo / Ola Ekstrom

Fake Game Screenshot

1. metroid-Z by r0bat
2. cat burglar by -ER-
3. Fantasy Warrior 2 ZX by diver4d
4. New_lode_runner by -ER-
5. Black cat, white cat by Ansy
6. Ferrari RTX ON by Adam Bazaroff
7. Imaginary? by pixelrat
8. Trloy by Creonix

Oldschool Textmode Graphics (Combined)

1. Sarah by dman
2. Leeloo by dman
3. No Scare Is Out There by CoaXCable
4. Spider by pixelrat
5. Gods of the WAR 1941-1945 by shuran33 ^ Outsiders
6. Tort by Creonix
7. Drzewko by Creonix
8. Красная шапочка by pixelrat
9. Не могу, у меня лапки by goblinish

Oldskool Music

1. I Think You Sync Autumn by MmcM
2. The Black Emerald by Seajeff
3. Кафилепси by Pigu, Zlew / AYCE
4. Falling Asleep by Shiru
5. Song Tracked Especially 4 CAFe'2019 by EA / Antares
6. Urban train by ejkot
7. Epic Scener by EA / Antares
8. el tango de la muerte by lampovyi_ninja
9. The KINO - Pack of Cigaretts(Cover) by Grumpy^Outsiders
10. Intruder extruder (battletoads cover) by lampovyi_ninja

Realtime Freestyle Graphics

1. All Heroes - Are People by shuran33 ^ Outsiders
2. spectrumman by sashapont
3. Robotnik by Creonix
4. Povelitel radugi by sashapont

Realtime Music Compo

1. Nucky Thompson and Cola by n1k-o^stardust
2. CAFe ReAlT!me by MmcM
3. tydomatydoma by lampovyi_ninja